Vacancy – Stork Environmental & Decontamination Services

Mr David Kennedy
Sun, 21/08/2016 - 17:07


JOB TITLE: Radiation Protection Supervisor (NORM Works)

REPORTS TO: Operations / Project Manager

DEPARTMENT: Environmental and Decontamination Services


LOCATION: Various Offshore / Onshore & Overseas Oil & Gas Installations / Refineries



JOB PURPOSE: The position held within Stork Environmental and Decontamination Services division is to supervise and ensure work is performed safely and completed to a very high standard in accordance with the local rules for NORM removal and disposal operations in force on all offshore installations during daily production operations and throughout planned maintenance shutdowns.

Work Location: The position is primarily offshore in the U.K Oil & Gas Sector, although this can change to being onshore or in overseas locations. The adhoc nature the projects undertaken can result in irregular work rotas short term to long term periods dependant on the workscope, the resultant leave cycle will reflect the working cycle and is similar to the vantage card system in ensuring that the recommended leave is taken between work scopes.


 RPS Duties:

  • Client interface when at work location
  • Ensuring all work carried out by Stork E&D department is performed is accordance with the NORM Local Rules.
  • Controlling and supervising the work activities of all persons whether or not Stork employees, who have reason to enter the controlled areas designated by the Stork E&D appointed RPS and person in charge of the work site.
  • Put in place and control radiation protection measures, restricting exposure to Ionising radiation of all persons in the vicinity of the work site.
  • Ensuring that all stork E&D employees working on location are fully and properly instructed and supervised with regard the work in hand.
  • Ensuring that safety devices, monitoring equipment and emergency tools are properly maintained and are available and used in accordance with Local Rules.
  • Implement contingency procedures in the event of an emergency, accident or incident involving Ionising radiation.
  • Advise and consult with the with onshore management in the event of any chance in the working conditions or working practices occurring which may require a change or revision to the Local Rules in force for the location.
  • Complete and submit copies to the client of all NORM waste disposal records, shift records, decontamination certificates and relevant uniquely numbered samples of NORM contaminated waste.

RPS Commitment to Safety Duties:

  • Ensure waste handling and transfer of all NORM contaminated material has been carried out following the correct procedures in accordance with local rules.
  • Carry out and complete an onsite task based risk assessment material has been carried out following the correct procedures in accordance with local rules.
  • Ensuring correct valid permits and the associated paperwork is in a place prior to work commencing.
  • Carry out onsite daily tool box talk to confirm all team members understand what the workscope involves and communicate any changes to the work or worksite.
  • Ensure all equipment has been fully safety checked and function test of plant and equipment prior to use.
  • Ensure that all team members are fully trained in the use of specialist cleaning equipment.
  • As a minimum does not start work until satisfied all of the above is in place?

COMPETENCIES – BEHAVIOURAL (For Technical Competencies See Note Below)

Self-motivated and able to work fulfilling the role of supervision with strong sense of team involvement, information sharing and mutual support. Work with a heightened awareness of HSEQ. The ability to challenge conventional methods of working and to examine options and possible solutions within reason prior to seeking advice from onshore project support.


RPS Training - Essential

Conversant with all relevant standards, specifications and rules - Essential

5 years radiation / Norm handling and disposal experience within oil and gas - Essential

Minimum of 5 years’ experience running Campaigns & Shutdowns - Essential

Communication and interpersonal skills, Workforce, Onshore Management & Client - Essential

Good Housekeeping Standards - Essential

Task Based Risk Assessment Training Hazard Identification Skills - Essential

Strong Safety & Supervisory Leadership Skills - Essential

Basic Computer user skills - Essential


Standard to be maintained in line with:

  • Client and Stork Technical Services procedure, Health and Safety at Work Act.
  • Stork Technical Services Environmental and Decontamination Services processes and procedures.
  • Quality, safety and environmental plans.
  • Awareness everyone has authority to stop action likely to result in an accident, incident or serious loss.


Consistently apply the highest standards when supervising the removal, handling and disposal of all NORM contaminated waste generated during specialist cleaning operations. Demonstrate high levels of motivation with an enthusiasm to share knowledge. Ability to develop new start crew members to enhance skills levels ensuring they can perform as part of a team. These skills based not only on strong traditional hands on technical abilities but on the development, review and implementation of performance and efficiency measures including equipment and worksite activity and in the context that includes communication and working with all departments offshore and onshore

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