Vacancy – Stork Environmental

Mr David Kennedy
Sat, 20/08/2016 - 17:32


JOB TITLE: NORM / Cleaning Operative        

REPORTS TO: Offshore Supervisor

DEPARTMENT: Environmental and Decontamination          


LOCATION: Various Offshore / Onshore and Oversea Oil & Gas Installations / Refineries




The position held within Stork Environmental and Decontamination Services division is to provide general and specialised support as part of a specialist cleaning crew and to be part of a multi-disciplined specialist cleaning crew.

Work Location:

The position is primarily offshore in the U.K Oil & Gas Sector, although this can change to being onshore or in overseas locations. The adhoc nature the projects undertaken can result in irregular work rotas short term to long term periods dependant on the workscope, the resultant leave cycle will reflect the working cycle and is similar to the vantage card system in ensuring that the recommended leave is taken between work scopes.


 Operative duties:

  • To carry out completion of work under supervision.
  • To carry out all work activities relating to NORM removal and disposal in accordance with the local rules.
  • Ensuring that when working within controlled areas they have correct radiation protection measures in place to restrict exposure to Ionising radiations.
  • To assist in and perform as part of a team during worksite establishment and maintenance throughout the workscope.
  • Ensure all cleaning activities using chemicals are carries out within COSHH regulations.
  • Ensure that at the end of every shift the worksite is tidies removing all debris, rolling up hoses etc. to leave the site in a safe and tidy condition.
  • To inform the supervisor in charge will in advance that additional materials shall be required to complete the workscope.
  • To inform the supervisor as soon as possible of any defects, broken or missing equipment.
  • Carry out regular maintenance under instruction from the mechanical fitter on all associated plant and equipment.
  • Ensure all waste products generated through specialist cleaning projects, this shall include vessel entry for cleaning and vessel internal furniture removal and replacement.
  • To be proactive in the rotational duties of crew when carrying out UHP water jetting operations.

Operatives Commitment to Safety Duties:

  • Ensure waste handling and transfer of all NORM contaminated material has been carried out following the correct procedures in accordance with local rules.
  • Be actively involved and contribute to completing an onsite task based risk assessment which identifies additional risks or hazards involved in the workscope prior to work commencing.
  • Ensure they are working under correct valid permits and the associated paperwork is in place prior to work commencing.
  • Be actively involved in the onsite daily tool box talk and confirm that he/she understands what the workscope involves and be aware if there are any changes to the work or worksite.
  • Ensure all equipment has been fully safety checked and function test of plant and equipment prior to use.
  • As a minimum does not start work until satisfied all of the above is in place.

COMPETENCIES – BEHAVIOURAL (For Technical Competencies See Note Below)

Self-motivated and able to work with the minimum of supervision with strong sense of team involvement, information sharing and mutual support. Work with a heightened awareness of HS&E. Further requirements are pride in his / her work, being open minded, the ability to communicate, represent and conduct him / herself in a professional manner when liaising with clients, fellow workers or other contractors on and off shift throughout the work cycle.


NORM Awareness Training - Desirable           

1 Years’ experience in an offshore environment - Desirable

Basic knowledge in equipment, daily maintenance and servicing - Essential

Completed HP Jetting, Vessel Entry & Confined Space - Essential

Motivated team member - Essential

Good Housekeeping Standards - Essential

Good Hazard Identification Skills – Essential


Standard to be maintained in line with:

  • Client and Stork Technical Services procedures, Health and safety Work Act.
  • Stork Technical Services Environmental and Decontamination Services processes and procedures.
  • Quality, safety and environmental plans.
  • Awareness, everyone has authority to stop action likely to result in an accident, incident or serious loss.


Apply the highest standards, without compromise to all activities or any other tasks required. Demonstrate high levels of motivation with an enthusiasm to be part of a team. The ability and enthusiasm to develop multi task skill levels. These skills based not only on strong traditional hands on technical abilities, but on the development, review and implementation of performance and efficiency measures including equipment and worksite activity during specialist cleaning operations.

All applications, please forward to: