Water Jetting Association

WJA Benefits

Why choose a WJA member?

Only water jetting contractors and equipment specialists that meet our high standards can join the WJA. So if you are looking for a reputable service supplier, ask one question: are you a WJA member?

WJA members are:

  • Carefully vetted before being allowed to join
  • Required to adhere to WJA Codes of Practice, recognised internationally as setting the standard for water jetting
  • Duty bound to use only operatives who have passed WJA accredited training
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Recognised as innovation and safety leaders in the industry

Always choose a member of the WJA.

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Benefits of WJA Membership

The WJA recognised leader of the UK’s water jetting industry. Trusted for its integrity and technical expertise. Member benefits include:

  • Association with the organisation that sets the recognised standards for water jetting in the UK and internationally
  • Access to latest advice and technical guidance
  • Representation of your interests in consultation with key stakeholders, such as the HSE
  • Collaboration with other WJA members on commercially advantageous projects
  • Networking and business promotion opportunities
  • Participation in WJA activities to shape the future of your industry

These are just the highlights.

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