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TMS Group Industrial Services (PTY) Ltd

TMS Group Industrial Services (PTY) Ltd




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Website: http://www.tms-redec.co.za/

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Hertford Office Park, Block D, Second Floor 90 Bekker Street Vorna Valley Midrand Johannesburg South Africa


TMS Industrial Services has been in operation since 1998. We have invested in world-class machinery and specialized equipment. We are continuously researching the market for more effective, innovative and environmentally-friendly equipment.

Access Scaffolding

TMS Industrial Services supplies both Ring Lock and Kwik-stage access scaffolding services to various industries in line with our commitment to provide superior service with the quickest possible turnaround time.
TMS Industrial Services has uniquely designed and manufactured 6500 tons of Ring Lock scaffolding material for our own use. We provide access scaffolding services to the following industries:
Petrochemical, Power Stations, Steel, Mining, Civil and Structural Engineering Industries.
Industrial Cleaning and Vaccumation

Our fleet of vacuum trucks is used for the removal and transport of all solid and liquid waste streams. We make use of advanced technologies based on craftsmanship built to our specifications by internationally recognized manufacturers. Most of our units are equipped with liquid ring vacuum blowers for handling hazardous substances such as combustible or toxic liquids and sludge.
We also make use of units with dry type blowers suitable for handling dry granular materials. Our vacuum tanks are manufactured from stainless steel for chemical resistance and have hydraulically operated rear doors for quick and effective dumping.
Hot, Cold, Acoustic Insulation and Cladding

TMS Industrial Services specialize in the design, supply and installation of insulation and cladding systems. We have developed techniques that have been thoroughly proven during years of thermal insulation contracting. We insulate between the temperature ranges of -200° celsius to 1100° celsius. Limpet spray is extensively applied at the power generation plants on the LP and HP turbine casings and is the best means of insulating this equipment. We have fully equipped state-of-the-art sheet metal workshops in all major regions which include computerized cladding fabrication machines along with other formwork machines. These machines provide perfectly cut material in kit form for assembly on-site, which drastically reduce manufacturing and installation times.
Abrasive Blasting and Industrial Painting Systems

TMS Industrial Services offer a wide range of specialized coatings catering to various chemical environments. Abrasive blasting and painting are vital to the industry to ensure that the internal and external surfaces of all processing, transporting and storage systems are protected and maintained against corrosion. We make use of a wide variety of blast media and UHP water jetting to achieve the cleanliness and profile required for various coating systems.

As the surface preparation and coating operations are extremely intricate, we have invested in world-class machinery and specialized equipment.
Tank Cleaning

TMS Industrial Services offers desludging and cleaning of all tanks such as; fixed roof tanks, floating roof tanks, horizontal and vertical tanks containing the full range of hydrocarbon or other chemical products. Once desludging has been completed, tanks are high pressure jetted to a gas-free condition for hot work. Bidvest TMS Industrial Services is registered for the handling, transport and safe disposal of hazardous chemicals.

UHP Water Jetting, Fin Fan and Bundle Cleaning

TMS Industrial Services has a large fleet of varied pressured machines, which ranges from 250 – 40 000 psi (3,500 bar). With these machines we are able to effectively supply the following services:

• Heat exchanger/bundle cleaning

• Pipe and tube cleaning

• Structural cleaning

• Surface preparation

• Boiler cleaning

• Internal and External vessel cleaning

• Fin fan cleaning

Cold Cutting

TMS Industrial Services offers a remotely controlled cold cutting system using ultra-high pressure water jetting to cut steel, concrete or composite materials. The use of ultra-high pressure pumps with abrasives injected into the water stream allows cold cutting of most hard materials with less dust, noise and heat than any other cutting methods. It cuts cleanly with no burr, slag or warping. Since this process offers the lowest probability of acting as an ignition source, it is suitable for use in hazardous environments.

Asbestos Removal

TMS Industrial Services is a certified asbestos removal contractor/service provider at the Department of Labour. We are able to service clients on a national basis. Our highly skilled and trained employees, all equipment, method statements, processes and procedures are fully compliant with all relevant governing laws, by-laws, rules and regulations.

Concrete Rehabilitation

TMS Industrial Services has an experienced team of experts who undertake concrete repair and rehabilitation of damaged concrete including:

• Structural Adhesives

• Grouts

• Waterproofing

• Secondary Acid Containment

• Industrial Flooring


Chemical Cleaning

TMS Industrial Services performs maintenance and chemical cleaning of process equipment to maximize efficiency. Chemical Cleaning is used to improve the heat flow of industrial boilers, heat exchangers, pipelines and other associated equipment to control and prevent corrosion on new pipework and other metal surfaces in order to restore performance to design parameters.
Rope Access

Rope access is an effective way of positioning personnel, tools and materials at elevated locations that are normally difficult to reach with the use of scaffolding alone. Safety is our primary concern and we, therefore, ensure that the necessary competence, quality testing and inspection of gear and PPE are regularly carried out to reduce the risk factor of working at height.
Catalyst Handling

TMS Industrial Services have the expertise and equipment to deliver efficient catalyst handling in the petrochemical and processing industries. We offer safe, reliable and highly skilled mobile services in fresh, inert and hazardous conditions with the aid of specialized life support systems throughout South Africa.

The services include:

• Unloading – gravity, manual and vacuuming

• Loading – sock and dense

• Screening and skimming – reactors, reformers, vessels and acid plant converters.

In keeping up with the latest technology Bidvest TMS Industrial Services make use of the latest Drager Airline system imported from Europe and certified by an independent third party (TUV).

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