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March 25, 2019  -  Uncategorized

An anti-ejection device or withdrawal system is a mechanical device used during pipe and tube cleaning activities designed to prevent accidental withdrawal or hydraulicing of rigid or flexible lances. Therefore, engineering safe working controls to ensure operator safety is of paramount importance, some examples are demonstrated below;

A hierarchy of control exists which should be used at all times to manage the risk of potential injury, which is outlined below and when followed then water jetting operations can be achieved safely.

  • Primary – Complete Automation (Remote Jetting System)
  • Secondary – Semi Automation (Freelance, LTC etc.)
  • Tertiary – Anti ejection or Withdrawal System (Hose catchers/Chicken wing etc)

Anti-Ejection devices or Withdrawal systems are mandatory for high pressure water jetting and must be included prior to the commencement of works (excluding drain cleaning with low pressure equipment where rigid leader bars and Hose Feed Guide or Tiger Tail must be utilised to prevent the pressurised nozzles turning)

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