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Doornbos Equipment – total solutions provider

Doornbos Equipment – total solutions provider

Doornbos Equipment – total solutions provider

June 25, 2024  -  Water Jetting Association

In the realm of industrial equipment, few names resonate with as much history and dedication as Doornbos Equipment.

Established as a family-owned business in 1938, Doornbos has carved a niche for itself over the decades, providing top-notch services and equipment solutions to a wide array of industries, not least water jetting and vacuum equipment.

Total solutions

Doornbos Equipment offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of its clients across the UK and beyond.

These services include equipment rental, sales, training, maintenance and repair, and 24/7 support.

By providing these services, Doornbos ensures that its customers have the flexibility and support they need to succeed in their respective industries.

· Equipment rental: Doornbos Equipment offers a wide variety of industrial machinery and tools for rent, providing cost-effective solutions for businesses that need equip-ment on a temporary basis.

· Sales: For those looking to purchase, Doornbos provides an extensive selection of high-quality industrial equipment, both brand new and second-hand, backed by ex-pert advice to help customers make informed decisions.

· Training: Understanding the importance of proper equipment handling and safety, Doornbos offers comprehensive training programs to ensure that operators are well-equipped to use the machinery safely and effectively.

Doornbos is also a fully accredited WJA Training Provider, which covers all the main areas of water jetting operation and safety.

· Maintenance and repair: Doornbos Equipment provides full maintenance and repair of our own fleet as well as customers own machines, whether purchased from us di-rectly or another supplier.

Our team of expert engineers have the skills to work on many well-known brands of jetting machines and vacuum equipment, to keep your machines running smoothly.

· 24/7 support: Recognising that industrial operations often run around the clock, Doornbos provides 24/7 support to address any issues that may arise, ensuring mini-mal downtime and maximum productivity.

The company supplies equipment to various industries, including but not limited, to con-struction, oil and gas, MOD, chemical, manufacturing and environmental service industries, among others.

This equipment includes heavy machinery, specialised cleaning equipment, and advanced safety solutions, all designed to meet the specific needs of each industry.

New chapter with the KOKS Group

In 2023, Doornbos Equipment was sold to another family-owned business, the KOKS Group.

This transition marked the end of an era but also the beginning of an exciting new chapter. The KOKS Group, known for its innovation and expertise in the industrial cleaning sector, saw great potential in Doornbos Equipment’s legacy and capabilities.

The acquisition by KOKS Group was a strategic move aimed at combining strengths and expanding market reach. For Doornbos, this means access to more resources, advanced technologies, and a broader network.

The synergy between the two companies is expected to drive significant growth and innovation, benefiting both the business and its customers.

Continuity and change

Despite the change in ownership, the essence of Doornbos Equipment remains. The core values of quality, reliability, and customer service continue to be the driving forces behind the company’s operations.

The integration with the KOKS Group has brought new energy and vision, with the commitment to retain the principles that made Doornbos Equipment a trusted name in the industry endures.

The collaboration has already begun to yield positive results, with the introduction of cutting-edge industrial cleaning solutions and enhanced service capabilities.

The combined expertise of Doornbos and KOKS ensures that customers receive the best of both worlds: a rich legacy of quality and the latest innovations in industrial equipment.

Celebrating a new milestone: the Billingham Depot open day

This renewed strength was celebrated as Doornbos Equipment marked the opening of its new depot in Billingham with an open day together all the sister companies under the KOKS Group umbrella.

The event was a significant milestone, showcasing both the rich heritage and the innovative future of Doornbos Equipment.

It was also an opportunity to display a wide range of equipment, from the most established and trusted machines to the latest and most innovative technologies.

Visitors had the chance to see firsthand how Doornbos and the KOKS Group are pushing the boundaries of industrial equipment solutions.

The event highlighted the seamless integration of the various KOKS Group companies, all now operating under one roof at the new Billingham depot.

This consolidation not only enhances operational efficiency but also underscores the collaborative spirit and shared vision of the KOKS Group family.

With the Open Day came the exciting opportunity to showcase some of the newest advancements in industrial cleaning technology, as well as new Doornbos built machines. These included the HotBlast 500, Cyclovac Pro, SmartVac and WOMA MK3, all of which will be on display again at the upcoming WJA Tradeshow in September.

What’s next for Doornbos? The WJA Tradeshow

Doornbos Equipment is proud to sponsor the inaugural WJA Tradeshow on September 12th 2024. As a leading name in the water jetting industry and a long-term supporter of the WJA, it is an honour to support this landmark event.

Doornbos’ commitment to excellence and innovation in water jetting technology aligns perfectly with the goals of the WJA Trade Show.

This event will serve as a dynamic platform for industry leaders to showcase the latest advancements, share insights and explore new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Doornbos will be presenting some of our most innovative solutions, showcasing how our cutting-edge technologies continue to set new standards in the field. These include:

The HotBlast 500 is the first of its kind, Doornbos built hot water pressure washer. It operates at maximum pressure of 500 bar 95 degree hot water with a flow rate of 30 litres per minute.

Diesel powered, according to the latest emission standards and equipped with the highest quality burner. This unit has been engineered with the aim of high reliability, clear and simple operation and low maintenance.

The Cyclovac Pro is one of the latest advancements in vacuum technology, to join our rental fleet. The air displacement system with cyclone separator is designed for heavy industrial applications.

It is suitable for suctioning, displacing, transporting and discharging dry, wet and hazardous substances, with high tipping capabilities this unit allows you tip into almost anything anywhere. Fully ADR, it is specifically developed for working with hazardous and contaminated substances.

The SmartVac is a diesel-powered vacuum hopper. It is trailer mounted making it easily transportable and provides access to remote or hard to reach areas, without extensive set up. This vacuum hopper has a capacity of 2200 m3/hr and a 250 litre cyclone, it is arriving in our UK rental fleet very soon and is already in huge demand!

The WOMA MK3, one of our most trusted and powerful water jetting units. The MK3 is a compact power pack for the maintenance of large constructions and industrial facilities, but has many other uses in industry, construction and municipal services.

The ultra-high pressure water jetting unit comes as a mobile trailer, with an economic diesel engine. Doornbos currently have a few versions of this unit within our rental fleet, with various pressures and flows, the maximum pressure being 2800 bar.

As well as showcasing these machines, you will also have the chance to speak to our expert team, who have a wealth of knowledge in our respective field.

The future of Doornbos Equipment: embracing change and reaping rewards

At Doornbos Equipment, we believe that with change comes both risk and opportunity. Over the years, we’ve taken calculated risks, invested in innovation, and adapted to the evolving needs of our customers.

Today, we are proud to see these efforts paying off as we chart an ambitious course for the future.

Strategic expansion plans

With two thriving locations in the UK and one in the Netherlands, we are excited to announce that plans for another new UK depot are on the horizon. This strategic expansion will allow us to better serve our customers, provide faster response times, and extend our reach within the industry.

Our commitment to growth ensures that we remain at the forefront of the market, delivering exceptional service and support.

Growing our rental fleet

Understanding the dynamic needs of our clients, we are continuously expanding our rental fleet with the safest and most reliable water jetting and vacuum equipment.

By increasing the variety and availability of our equipment, we ensure that our customers have access to the latest and most reliable machines.

This expansion not only enhances our service offerings but also solidifies our reputation as a trusted partner for businesses across various sectors.

Innovation in manufacturing

One of our proudest achievements is the development and production of our own Doornbos-built machine – The HotBlast 500. These machines reflect our dedication to quality, performance, and innovation.

As we move forward, we will continue to invest in research and development, creating cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed industry standards.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to tailor our products to the specific needs of our customers, providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

The road ahead

Looking ahead, we are committed to sustaining our momentum and building on our successes as well as working with the WJA to continue to make the industry as safe as possible.

The future of Doornbos Equipment is bright, with plans to further expand our presence, enhance our product offerings, and continue delivering unparalleled value to our customers.

As we embrace change and navigate the challenges it brings, we are confident that our strategic initiatives will yield substantial rewards.

We thank our loyal customers and dedicated team for their ongoing support. Together, we are shaping the future of Doornbos Equipment, ensuring that we remain a leader in the industry for years to come.

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