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First ‘digital’ WJA water jetting courses delivered in French

First ‘digital’ WJA water jetting courses delivered in French

First ‘digital’ WJA water jetting courses delivered in French

March 1, 2024  -  Water Jetting Association

The first Water Jetting Association training courses have been delivered in a language other than English using the CLiKAPAD digital assessment tool.

WJA Training and Safety Chairman Steve Williams delivered the Safety Awareness course and Surface Preparation practical module, both City & Guilds accredited, in French for water jetting operatives in Switzerland.

French has been the first language WJA course material has been translated into – with Safety Awareness and Surface Preparation selected because they are the most commonly delivered.

WJA training popularity

Steve Williams said: “This was the first time our French course presentations were combined with CLiKAPAD, with examination questions in the digital question and response tool also in French, and it went very well.

“The WJA wants to be flexible in the way courses are delivered. They’re essential to our overall goals of maximising water jetting safety and assisting contractors in delivering the most productive service.

“Developing opportunities to deliver courses in languages other than English is likely to become more important, especially as the popularity of WJA water jetting training grows outside the UK.”

The approach complements a decision ratified by the WJA Ruling Council, in 2023, to allow training organisations based outside the UK to apply to become WJA-approved examination providers.

Shared advantages

Steve Williams, who can speak conversational French, delivered the two courses over two days for 13 water jetting operatives employed by a Swiss industrial cleaning and drainage contractor.

A major client had stipulated that water jetting operatives had to be accredited. The Swiss cleaning contractor could also see the benefits of WJA training so was keen that all its operatives attended the courses.

Introducing CLiKAPAD has been part of a wider WJA drive to digitise its processes, generating significant shared advantages for the WJA, approved coach/examiners and their clients, in terms of efficiency, productivity and reduced carbon footprints.

Multiple choice questions are set in blocks after sections in each course and displayed to delegates on a screen.

Real time review

As each question is shown, delegates press the number on a wireless handheld keypad that corresponds to their selected answer.

Responses are locked into the system. However, instructors can see the answers in real time, allowing them to review learning points if necessary. The pass mark is set at 75 per cent.

A selection of questions are randomly pulled into the CliKAPAD system from libraries of questions created for each course and module. For the Safety Awareness course and Surface Preparation practical module, more than 100 questions were translated into French.

New WJA app

Steve Williams said: “The operatives enjoyed the experience and the learning style made possible by CLiKAPAD. They also gave useful feedback about the structure of the questions, as presented in French, which allows us to improve them for when they’re next used.

“The WJA model, allowing coach/examiners to deliver courses at client premises or sites and examine candidates at the same time, is attractive to contractors. So, I can see the WJA making them available in more languages in the future.

“Also, we’ve now launched the WJA app, which operatives and their employers will be able to use to monitor and display their certified training status for water jetting tasks being carried out.”

Accredited programme

The WJA City & Guilds accredited training programme includes the one-day class-based Safety Awareness course and five practical modules: surface preparation; tube and pipe; drain and sewer; drain, sewer and surface preparation; and hydrodemolition.

Water jetting operatives who pass the Safety Awareness course and at least one practical module receive a WJA operational training card. WJA certification must then be renewed every three years by passing a Safety Awareness and practical assessment refresher course.

The WJA also offered a City & Guilds accredited pressure washing course and an ABBE accredited Level 2 Water Jetting Technician Certificate, the association’s first competency qualification.

Find out more

Talk to the WJA about accredited water jetting training courses. Also about how to become a WJA-approved examination providers and a WJA-approved coach/examiner. Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8320 1090. Email: info@waterjetting.org.uk.

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