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WJA app launch takes water jetting into a digital future

WJA app launch takes water jetting into a digital future

WJA app launch takes water jetting into a digital future

January 30, 2024  -  Water Jetting Association

The Water Jetting Association has continued its drive to improve services for members and reduce its carbon footprint with the launch of a new WJA app.

The app allows WJA members to access information and communicate with the association more easily through hand-held devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

It also gives water jetting operatives access to WJA codes of practice and other operational advice, and provides new opportunities for the WJA to engage with all industry stakeholders.

Big step forward

The WJA is urging members and their water jetting operatives to start using the app. It is free to download and compatible with all android and iOS devices, plus standard laptop and desktop computers.

WJA Director Leanne Smith said: “Members already using the app really like it and can instantly see how it will help them get the most out of being part of the WJA.

“It’s a big step forward in our drive to digitise our systems and processes, and engage effectively with our members and water jetting operatives, as well as all other organisations and people with an interest in water jetting in the UK and internationally.

“The app will support our development of exciting new functions and tools that assist in making water jetting safer, more productive and more commercially successful. It’ll also help us minimise the WJA’s carbon footprint and support our members’ drive to Carbon NetZero by 2050.”

Secure member access

The WJA app has an open section providing access to latest association news, safety alerts, WJA information, including training courses, membership application forms, and the WJA’s water jetting injury treatment algorithm.

It also provides secure log-in protected access to the members’ hub where WJA members can access and view their membership information, plus all data and documents the WJA holds about them.

They can also view and digitally search the WJA’s three codes of practice, gain access to the Croner advice portal.

Digital WJA card

Water jetting operatives who have passed WJA courses also have a secure log-in to view WJA codes of practice and their personal training status, for example if they need to share it with client site managers via the portal.

The WJA are now issuing digital training cards for water jetting operatives, replacing the current hardcopy laminated card.

The WJA app also supports a digital messaging system which will be used by the association to send timely advice to members and operatives about imminent changes to their membership and training status.

Find out more

Talk to the WJA about water jetting training or joining the association. Telephone: +44 20 8320 1090. Email: info@waterjetting.org.uk.

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