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WJA Magazine Article – September 2018

WJA Magazine Article – September 2018

WJA Magazine Article – September 2018

September 28, 2018  -  Uncategorized


Learning good communication skills is essential for delivering safe high-pressure water jetting services, says the Water Jetting Association’s Vice-President and Chairman of its Training and Safety Committee, John Jones.

Modern work sites, where multi-disciplined teams must co-ordinate their activity, the need to explain and apply safety procedures clearly and promptly make effective communication vital.

John Jones says: “Good communication skills bring high-pressure water jetting operatives into the decision-making process at work sites, so risks can be properly discussed and mitigated also, operatives are more likely to take an active part in communicating issues relating to high pressure water jetting if they have full confidence in their skills, and that comes from effective training.”

The WJA is the UK’s leading provider of training for operatives in the water jetting industry, including ultra-high and high-pressure water jetting, drain and sewer cleaning, and pressure washing.

“High pressure water jetting operatives are delivering a service that, without the right controls, can be extremely hazardous. With advances in technology, it can also make use of complex semi-automated and robotic equipment,” says John Jones.

“As such, it is increasingly important that members of water jetting teams can communicate, either verbally or by visual signals with each other, and with other parties, which may include a client, or other workers. If an untoward incident does occur, then very fast and effective communication becomes even more vital.”

All WJA training emphasises and gives instruction on the importance of effective communication when carrying out water jetting. That includes, where appropriate, the use of hand signals.

Good communication skills build trust between colleagues and in wider work teams, helps ensure instructions are given and received with clarity, especially when supervisors may not be on site, and give operatives the confidence to challenge actions that may undermine safety.

To be registered with the WJA and receive a Certificate and Photo ID Card, trainees must attend a one-day Water Jetting – Safety Awareness course. Operatives can also select from a range of practical application modules for example: Drain and Sewer Cleaning (DS), Surface Preparation (SP), Tube and Pipe Cleaning (TP) and Hydrodemolition (HD).

The courses are accredited by City & Guilds and are based on the association’s Codes of Practice which are accepted as setting the industry standard for best practice in the UK and internationally.

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