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British Fluid Power Association (BFPA)

British Fluid Power Association (BFPA)

November 6, 2016  -  Uncategorized

British Fluid Power Association’s – Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme Update:

Martin Kingsbury, BFPA’s Membership Director, gives a background to BFPA’s Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme and lists which companies have recently been awarded “Q-Approval” in 2016 so far.

BFPA’s Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme is the UK fluid power industry’s leading accreditation scheme for hose manufacture, distribution, sale and fitting. Since it was introduced in 1995, the Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme has become a recognised symbol of quality, integrity and safety.

The scheme is open only to members of the British Fluid Power Distributors Association (BFPDA) and the British Fluid Power Association (BFPA). Gaining accreditation under the scheme is one of the key advantages of joining the associations and sets our members apart.

What is it?

The Certified Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme sets an accredited industry-wide standard for the assembly, storage and supply of hydraulic hoses. It has been developed by a panel of industry experts including members of the BFPDA and BFPA.

Accreditation process:

Members may achieve accreditation only after a detailed inspection process. Companies must be able to demonstrate that they adhere to all current legislation in respect of the supply, storage and handling of hoses which can be hydraulic or pneumatic. After approval they are entitled to display the ‘Q-Approved’ logo on their premises and products. Scheme member companies also agree to a detailed technical audit by the BFPDA every two years.

Companies who have been approved in 2016 for the first time:

So far in 2016, the following companies have applied for membership of the scheme, and after inspection, fulfilled the criteria for membership, and have been approved for the first time:


Abdex Hose and Couplings Ltd, Leighton Buzzard
Flowfit, Ludlow
Hedley Hydraulics Ltd, Manchester and Wakefield
Hydrasun Ltd, Aberdeen,
Hydraulic Technical Services (NE) Ltd, Middlesbrough and Peterlee
Rouden Hydratek, Horsham
Stockport Hydraulics Ltd, Stockport

To see a full list of which companies (currently around 165) have achieved the required standard and been awarded Q-Approval, please visit our dedicated website which features an interactive map showing all the locations of these companies: http://bfpatrainingacademy.co.uk/approved-suppliers/

For further details about the Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme – contact: Martin Kingsbury at the BFPA (martin@bfpa.co.uk). 

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