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Calder Ltd (WJA Member) – Major UK Companies Discover What Hydrodemolition Can Achieve for Them

Calder Ltd (WJA Member) – Major UK Companies Discover What Hydrodemolition Can Achieve for Them

Calder Ltd (WJA Member) – Major UK Companies Discover What Hydrodemolition Can Achieve for Them

November 22, 2017  -  Uncategorized

Major Companies discover what Hydrodemolition can achieve for them.

November 2017

Recently, major construction and civil engineering companies visited Calder Ltd, Worcester, UK (WJA Member) to see Hydrodemolition in action. Visitors witnessed the very latest in concrete removal technology.

Hydrodemolition video

Video evidence for colleagues.

Civil engineering and hydrodem talk

Much discussion about hydrodem.

Hydrodemolition finish video

Examining the finish achieved.

View a video of the demonstration on You Tube:

Jetframe 101 Nalta demonstration

Jetframe 101 Nalta demonstration

Robot 327 demonstration

Robot 327 demonstration

Operator Safety and Comfort:

Conjet hydrodemolition safety

The demonstrations focussed on three pieces of equipment – the Conjet hydrodemolition robots Jetframe 101 Nalta and Robot 327 and the Calder MulitJet which provided the high pressure water. Both hydrodem machines are a huge step forward in safety through semi-automation – keeping the operator in control, but at a distance from the area of operation. Whilst these machines offer major increases in production rates, talk on the day was predominantly about the advances in operator safety and comfort.

The Nalta:

Hydrodem compact robot .jpg
Hydrodemolition robot head
Conjet hydrodemolition finish quality

Nalta – the world’s smallest hydrodem robot. The Nalta is a frame-mounted, concrete cutting head. Set against the workpiece, the head traverses the face to be cut, and indexes to the next cutting position automatically allowing sizable areas to be worked on between positioning activities.

The Nalta is mounted on a frame constructed of standard scaffolding tubes and can be used in areas which are confined or awkward to access.

The Robot:

Conjet hydrodem robot
Hydrodem finish

A track-mounted machine capable of concrete removal on floors, walls, and overhead. The robot is not attached to the work surface giving even greater flexibility.

High Pressure Water:

Waterjetting and hydrodemolition

Providing the high pressure water was this mobile jetting unit featuring the ever-reliable Hammelmann pump and the latest in ultra-low emissions, Tier 4, engine technology. Part of the MultiJet range of onshore and offshore jetting units, this machine benefits from over 30 years’ of design and development.

During the current major roadworks on the M5 Oldbury Viaduct you will see numerous Calder-built jetting units being used by various operators for bridge joint preparation.

Why Conjet:

Conjet hydrodemolition robot versatility
  • These hydrodem machines can be diesel or electric powered.
  • All robot models have an oscillation feature as standard, allowing floor, wall and overhead operation.
  • Long reach robot models available.
  • Robot track extensions for increased stability.
  • Single or double nozzle robot operation.
  • Robot stability warning feature.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Tools and attachments to extend operational versatlility.
  • UK-based spares and service team.

Service and Spares:

Full after-sales support is provided from Worcester, UK. A team of technicians can help through ad hoc maintenance visits, service contracts, emergency call-out, and telephone support.

Read more about our: Hydrodemolition equipment and Industrial waterjetting units.

To enquire about a demonstration of the hydro demolition and water jetting technology, or for further information, please contact us:+44 (0) 1905 759090 – sales@calder.co.uk

Calder Ltd is a member of the Water Jetting Association.

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