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Export Success for a WJA Member

Export Success for a WJA Member

Export Success for a WJA Member

March 1, 2017  -  Uncategorized

Hughes Pumps Ltd has supplied a specialist high-pressure pumping system to clean gas-Gas heaters and air preheaters at a thermal power generation station in Morocco, North Africa.

The cleaning of gas-gas heaters and air preheaters in power stations is a common application within the water jetting industry, as it increases the thermal efficiency of the boiler by removing fouling which has a direct effect on power station efficiency. Clean air preheaters provide better control for the gas and air temperatures, resulting in better management of the level of emissions. The more efficient a power station is, the less fuel it requires to produce power.

Normally contractors are called in during plant shutdowns when cleaning is carried out over a 48 hour period. At this power station the cleaning process was seen as so critical to its operations, it called on UK based Hughes Pumps to design a specialist pumpset for permanent installation at the plant.

Hughes engineers had to design a pump system that would be robust enough to run for 48 hours at a time in extremely tough conditions, including high ambient and water temperatures, and an intermittent, dirty water supply.


The Hughes Pumps HPS3000 system produces 232lpm at 350bar (61gpm at 5,000psi) with a 200Kw (270hp), 6,600volt high voltage electric motor with a full load running current of 22amps. A control system allows interface with the plant’s PLC control system to allow remote, automatic cleaning. Other features include; Pulsation damper, Acoustic canopy, 1000 litre (265 gallon) stainless steel water tank and three high capacity stainless steel water filters which can be cleaned without stopping the pump.

UK based Hughes Pumps has 45 years experience in the design and manufacture of high pressure, positive displacement pumps and water jetting equipment used in some of the World’s harshest environments in industries as diverse as Offshore Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Ship Maintenance and Contracting.

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