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Jetchem Systems Ltd – Develops two new flood prevention systems: 

Flooding in the UK has become more of an issue over the recent years with blame being pointed towards global warming, misuse of land and of course the increased demand placed on the sewer and drainage network. Regardless of the cause, effective means of preventing or managing flood risk areas is much needed.  
With this in mind, Jetchem’s Research and Development Team, in partnership with United Utilities and Amey produced two innovative new systems designed to aid in the prevention of flooding. The first system, which was showcased at No-Dig 2018 was the iDOS (Interceptor Draw Off System) which is installed in potential areas of flooding, drawing off and storing excess wastewater in tanks. Over the last year we have developed the system further with an improved pump and a solar charging system. 
How the system works 

The basic principle of the iDOS system is to aid in the prevention of flooding by pumping liquids and waste to designated storage tanks on site or a short distance from the affected area. The system now has a muchimproved pump, which is ATEX rated and capable of removing liquids and solids up to 40mm. These are stored in 1000 litre tanks, any number of which can be installed. The system runs from a mains supply with the added benefit of battery backup in case of power cuts. This provides an average of 30 minutes continuous pumping on battery power alone, enough to pump in excess of 3000 litres of waste into the tanks. Not only do the batteries charge via mains but a solar charging version is also available for those locations which are suitable.  
Once the system is triggered (pre-set level in storage tanks) an alert is sent out to designated mobile phones, usually an engineer or manager, who can then arrange attending the site for assessment.

  Key Benefits of the iDOS 

• Completely modular design, allowing it to be placed in a range of locations • Mobile phone alerts once pre-set levels are reached • Mains powered with battery backup system

• Reduces unnecessary site visits / reduces customer interactions

• Saves money

• Allows planned programmed works

• 24-hour monitoring 

• Reduces access issues/draw off teams access – increases security for house holder 

The unit serves a logging system through trigger points. This allows us to monitor when flooding occurs and most importantly allows us to establish why it happens and what measures to take. This automatically reduces site attendance because it continually narrows down when these events might take place. Thus, implementing scheduled visits rather than having to attend site unnecessarily. Paul Taylor, Managing Director of Jetchem Systems Limited, was keen to explain the benefits of the system “Our work with local authorities and drain company’s highlighted not only the impact a flood can have on the immediate area but also the cost of removing excess water and rectifying any damage sustained to the environment. The iDOS is the ideal solution, very simple installation, fully managed service by ourselves and remote alerts which reduces the need for engineers attending sites unnecessarily, at extremely high costs to local authorities “.

Jetchem have now installed iDOS systems in several locations across the North West of England which have performed very well, saving the local authorities time and money. 
Example 1:

Nursing Home  

A 6-metre-deep dig, in the carriage way resulting in full road closure, this was being drawn off 3-4 times per day. Jetchem installed an iDOS system, which reduced the draw off to once every 2 days and resulted in a saving of over £10,000. 

Example 2:

18 Piper Hill Avenue

100% collapse under property with no option for diversion, which required daily draw off. iDOS installed with a cost saving of over £7000.00 Chris Burns of United Utilities explained: “We took around 18 months to develop and trial both of these technologies. Putting them into practice has helped us significantly reduce sewer flooding at customers’ properties. “The IDOS unit eliminates the need for constant site attendance by engineers which saves both time and money and avoids inconveniencing customers by having to repeatedly enter their properties. “The installation of the low-cost drainage monitor, in areas of the network where we carry the highest risk, acts as an early warning sign and means we can proactively clear the blockage preventing internal flooding, external flooding and pollution incidents,” he added.  Zak Haworth, Accounts Manager for Amey had this to say “We chose to have several iDOS systems installed in flood risk areas, which had either already been flooding or posed a risk of flood. This decision proved very successful and with a simple hire we have managed to reduce our engineer call outs, saving time and money”

The second flood prevention system Jetchem has been developing is the Flood Monitor, a compact device which can be located in manholes, chambers, cellars, etc as a pre flood warning system. The device remotely monitors an area for rising water levels, when triggered this sends an alert message to designated mobile phones. The alert gives a map location for the monitor so an engineer can then attend site and assess the area. The Flood Monitor is ATEX rated making it perfectly safe to be installed in a range of locations. 

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