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May 3, 2019  -  Uncategorized

lowplant Group Ltd – WJA Member

The strict rules governing diesel engine emissions have been with us for some time but every year they are getting tighter and 2019 marks the beginning of the Stage 5 era in Europe and many other countries.

What is Stage 5?

Stage 5 is the new standard which now covers diesel engines right down to 19kW (25hp). It limits the level of pollutants that the engine can emit and to achieve these limits all engine manufacturers have been forced to add significant after treatment equipment which can include filters, catalytic convertors, sensors and exhaust gas regeneration systems.

Why will this have such an effect on drain jetters?

Manufacturers and operators of drain jetters have been untouched by the tightening diesel regulatuons of the last decade because most drain jetters have small engines less than 55kW (75hp) and they didn’t need any after treatment system to meet the old regulations.

The new Stage 5 engines are bigger, heavier, more expensive and more complicated to service and install so the challenges for manufacturers and operators are obvious. However, we must not forget that lower emissions from diesel engines will benefit everyone in the long run and embracing these changes is all part of helping restore a healthy environment. It is also very likely that fast emerging ultra low emission zones, like the one already in London, will prohibit the use of diesel powered equipment using anything but the latest technology.

What options will be available?

At Flowplant we have been preparing for the changes for some time. In the UK we already use these new engines on our larger machines and our American sister company, Harben Inc, has been running T4F diesel (roughly equivalent to Stage 5) and fuel injected petrol engines since the middle of 2018 with great success.

In the UK we will be offering a mix of engine options. Our smaller machines up to 200 bar and 45 l/min will benefit from being able to use a diesel engine under 19kW which requires no specialist after treatment. For the first time in the UK we will be offering a larger petrol engine model that benefits from a reliable and efficient fuel injection system and of course, for those wanting the ultimate power there will be the Stage 5 diesel 280 bar machines.

What should I do now?

Throughout 2019 manufacturers are legally allowed to sell machines that are built to the old emission standard. This allows time to clear stock engines whilst the full transition to Stage 5 manufacturing is being made. At Flowplant we have a number of these like for like machines available but demand is high so those wanting to avoid paying the additional cost for Stage 5 should act now before supplies are gone.

Although more costly and complex these new Stage 5 engines represent a huge leap forward in technology. Not only are they far cleaner than their predecessor they are quieter and more fuel efficient and in the end that’s what counts the most.

Please contact us at Flowplant if you would like more information on these changes and how we may be able to help your business.


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