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It’s a wrap! Revamped coaching video backs best practice jetting

It’s a wrap! Revamped coaching video backs best practice jetting

It’s a wrap! Revamped coaching video backs best practice jetting

February 28, 2024  -  Water Jetting Association

The Water Jetting Association has comprehensively updated a video that supports the delivery of its Safety Awareness course and can be used as a refresher aid for WJA member contractors and their operatives.

The video covers all key topics covered in WJA’s City & Guilds-accredited Safety Awareness course, which is one of two courses water jetting operatives must pass to be certified by the association.

Highly visual

WJA Training and Safety Chairman Steve Williams said: “The Safety Awareness video brings together all vital learning points in one highly-visual and informative educational resource.

“People absorb information in different ways. One of the most powerful techniques is visual learning, especially in the modern world of streaming video. So, we see this video as an important coaching aid.

“Our coaching and examination programme has been significantly updated over the last two years, so this has been an important exercise to bring the video right up to date and keep it relevant.”

The 25-minute-long video introduces the WJA’s two codes of practice – the Red Code for drain, sewer cleaning and surface preparation up to 275 bar, and the Blue Code, for high pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting – which underpin key themes in the Safety Awareness course.

Best practice advice

Other topics covered include types of pumps and water jetting systems, hoses and ancillary equipment, cold weather operation, team roles and responsibilities, and health and safety.

Among new sections in the video is a description of the WJA’s water jetting injury algorithm. It gives detailed advice on best practice treatment of injuries from first response through the post-treatment recovery.

The Safety Awareness video will be made available to WJA-approved Coach/Examiners to use as an educational aid while delivering the course. It will also be available via the WJA app for member organisations and certified water jetting operatives to view at any time.

Digital assessment

Safety Awareness is a one-day class-based course. Candidates are assessed during the course using CLiKAPAD digital question and answer tool and must achieve a 75 percent pass mark.

To become WJA-certified operational water jetters, they must then attend and pass at least one City & Guilds-accredited WJA Practice Module.

The five modules are: Surface Preparation (SP); Drain and Sewer (DS); Drain, Sewer and Surface Preparation (DSP); Tube and Pipe (TP); and Hydrodemolition (HD).

Find out more

Talk to the WJA about its City & Guilds-accredited water jetting training programme. Telephone: +44 20 8320 1090. Email: info@waterjetting.org.uk.

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