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New Course in Pipeline to Give Managers Water Jetting Skills

New Course in Pipeline to Give Managers Water Jetting Skills

New Course in Pipeline to Give Managers Water Jetting Skills

December 19, 2019  -  Uncategorized

The Water Jetting Association is at an advanced stage in the development of a training course for managers and business leaders.

The one-day class-based and practical course is designed to give business directors, managers and supervisors vital insights into the water jetting process.

This will assist them in decision making about the contracting of water jetting services, the selection and safe use of hired equipment, management of in-house water jetting teams and control of work sites.

The Water Jetting Association (WJA) Management and Leadership Course, which will be accredited by City & Guilds, is due to be launched in early 2020.

It is being developed by John Jones, WJA Vice-President and Chairman of its Training and Safety Committee.

He said: “The WJA Management and Leadership Course will be a major step forward in supporting businesses that use water jetting, in terms of operational planning and effectiveness and safety.

“Managers who have oversight responsibility for water jetting will learn about legislation and regulation for water jetting, hazard awareness, risk management, different types of water jetting, and WJA Red and Blue Codes of Practice for water jetting, and much more.

“There will also be a practical component, so managers get to hold and feel the force of water jetting equipment in use. Only then, will they begin to appreciate the vital importance of the highest safety standards.”

The WJA Management and Leadership course is aimed at a wide range of directors and managers, including business owners, contract managers, project managers, safety managers, site supervisors and auditors, as well as work permit issuers and assessors.

John Jones said: “Widening awareness about water jetting will allow managers to make better and safer decisions about its use, so I am sure this course will be welcomed in industries that use water jetting.

“Also, access to water jetting systems, and their range of uses, has broadened in recent years, so it’s vital that a wider range of managers understand how they work and the risks that need to be controlled.”

The course will be delivered by WJA-registered training providers and WJA-approved training instructors. Delegates will complete a course workbook and take part in a team exercise.

To pass the course, delegates will have to complete an end-of-course test and submit a written assessment to the instructor within 30 days of attendance.

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