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New Website Launches WJA Digital Marketing Strategy

New Website Launches WJA Digital Marketing Strategy

New Website Launches WJA Digital Marketing Strategy

July 5, 2021  -  Water Jetting Association

The Water Jetting Association has launched a new website that is at the heart of an exciting new digital marketing strategy for the industry.

The new site greatly increases the ability of the Water Jetting Association (WJA) to engage with its members and potential new ones.

It also provides opportunities for the WJA to develop new digital services and resources for members, in turn helping them to deliver higher quality, safer and more productive water jetting services for clients.

Development of the new website and digital marketing strategy has been led by Jon Camp, a member of the WJA’s Training and Safety Committee, and Ross McDonald, who sits on the association’s Ruling Council, working with digital marketing agency Digital Pie.

The WJA is the member organisation for the water jetting industry and is the UK’s largest provider of water jetting training. Its members include contractors, training providers and instructors, manufacturers, equipment sellers, and hirer companies.

Jon Camp, Managing Director of Tube-Tech International, said: “Having a highly responsive and engaging website, supported by a full range of digital resources, is essential to the WJA’s work and how we support our members’ interests.

“We want to work with organisations involved in high pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting across the world. Our new digital marketing strategy is designed to allow us to do that more easily and powerfully.”

Ross McDonald, Operations Director of Hydroblast, said: “We’ve looked closely at best practice in delivering member organisation services online and worked with Digital Pie to put all that learning into our new digital resources.

“Our aim is to improve the interaction between members and the WJA and to make more people and businesses aware of the benefits of water jetting across the world. I’m confident the new website will help us achieve that.”

WJA Director David Kennedy said: “Having such an up-to-date digital business resource at our fingertips is very exciting indeed. It will improve member experience and be at the heart of our plans to develop the WJA over the coming years.”

The new website has been designed to be highly engaging and easy to use, for members, the WJA HQ team, and for new web visitors.

It has been fully optimised for use on all mobile devices and now includes a HubSpot content management system. This will allow the WJA to clearly see, control and measure interactions with members and stakeholders.

The website has an improved member dashboard, making it easier for members to view WJA information, including latest news, and to post updates on forums, engage with other members, and manage their member accounts.

The website and supporting digital systems will improve and enrich communication between the WJA and its members, with the opportunity to easily create newsletters, information alerts and video events.

An expanded social media presence is built into the digital marketing strategy, with Instagram, Twitter and YouTube added to the WJA’s LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

Digital Pie Managing Director Ben Weller said: “We’re delighted to be working with the WJA on improving digital services for members and expanding its influence for the good of water jetting.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all that having a strong digital presence is vital for any organisation. This is the perfect moment for the WJA to have decided to launch its new web and digital platform.”

Supported by the WJA’s PR and marketing agency, matm, Digital Pie will work with the WJA to fully develop the website’s functionality, using its analytical tools to measure performance and plan future opportunities.

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