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Small drainage contractors get WJA membership boost

Small drainage contractors get WJA membership boost

Small drainage contractors get WJA membership boost

March 30, 2023  -  Water Jetting Association

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The Water Jetting Association has introduced a new membership category for smaller drainage contractors so they can more easily take advantage of the benefits of becoming members.

A C7 category has been created for drainage companies that may be franchise holders or start-up businesses, which has a lower membership fee and revised membership criteria.

The new category, approved by the WJA’s Ruling Council in March, complements the C2 drain and sewer category which still applies for larger drainage contractors.

Removing barriers

WJA General Manager Leanne Smith said: “We want to welcome contractors from across the drainage and wastewater industries into the WJA so all can enjoy the advantages of membership.

“As a result, we’ve reviewed our membership criteria for smaller drainage contractors. Some may have just a few employees now, but have ambitions for growth.

“Being a WJA member will help them realise that ambition. So, we want to remove unnecessary barriers to smaller contractors joining. Our new C7 category is a practical way to do this.”

Drainage contractors that meet the WJA’s criteria for C7 membership pay a reduced £100 membership fee. The £75 joiner’s administration fee has also been waived.

Standards maintained

As smaller contractors have a lower turnover, there is no longer a need to generate a turnover of at least £100,000 from water jetting services, and some other criteria are not compulsory.

However, quality standards are still being maintained, said Leanne Smith, adding: “After all, it’s why contractors want to join.

“Companies joining under the C7 category must still provide a range of information, including proof of relevant insurances, methods for managing equipment, workplace polices and their safety record.”

Find out more

Are you a small drainage contractor? Talk to the WJA about taking advantage of the new C7 membership category. Call +44 20 8320 1090 or email info@waterjetting.org.uk .

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