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WJA Approves First Non-UK Registered Training Provider

WJA Approves First Non-UK Registered Training Provider

WJA Approves First Non-UK Registered Training Provider

June 12, 2023  -  Water Jetting Association

The Water Jetting Association has approved the first non-UK training provider to deliver water jetting courses.

Dutch company DERC Adviesgroep has been approved as a WJA registered training provider.

Following an interview, a WJA approved assessor watched Arian van den Honaard deliver a Safety Awareness course and practical modules before DERC Adviesgroep’s application was approved.

Exciting development

The WJA Training and Safety Committee agreed to allow non-UK training providers and instructors to deliver its courses in March 2023, a decision ratified by the WJA Ruling Council.

DERC Adviesgroep Instructor Arian van den Honaard, who will deliver the WJA courses, said he was delighted his company could share the advantages of WJA training with clients.

He added: “We first enquired about delivering WJA courses two years ago. We’re proud to be the first to be approved to do so. It’s an exciting development that will benefit our clients.

“WJA training is recognised around the world. We have been regularly asked if we can deliver the courses. Now we can, I can only see them becoming an important part of a service portfolio.”

Setting standards

The flexible structure of WJA training – with a Safety Awareness theory course combined with Practical Modules for different types of water jetting – was attractive for contractors and service users.

“A real strength is the way WJA course can be delivered and operatives formally assessed on the same day to uniform standards anywhere in the world,” said Arian van den Honaard, who has worked the high pressure water jetting industry for more than 25 years.

“This is appreciated by our clients, as is the link between the training and the WJA’s water jetting codes of practice, which are recognised as setting important standards.”

Expanding network

WJA Training and Safety Committee Chairman Steve Williams said: “With the growth in demand for WJA courses around the world, allowing non-UK training providers to deliver them was a natural step.

“DERC Adviesgroep proved a strong candidate and we are pleased it is now able to deliver training that enhances water jetting training and productivity for their clients.

“We have had expressions of interest from other non-UK training providers so we’re looking forward to expanding the network of providers who can deliver WJA training over the coming months.”

DERC Adviesgroep is hopeful itDERC Adviesgroep is hopeful it will now deliver WJA training for clients in multiple countries. Most are involved in the petrochemicals and gas and oil production industries.

Rigorous process

DERC Adviesgroep and DERC Salotech, which manufacturers water jetting equipment, are both subsidiaries of DERC Waterjetting.

DERC Adviesgroep had been an international WJA member before being approved as a registered training provider.

In line with WJA standard operating procedures, the company had to undergo a rigorous application process. This involved demonstrating it had the expertise, experience and capability to deliver WJA courses.

Under WJA rules, non-UK registered training providers and approved instructors can deliver WJA training anywhere in the world except in the UK.

Find out more

Talk to the WJA about becoming an non-UK WJA registered training provider. Call +44 20 8320 1090. Email info@waterjetting.org.uk.

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