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WJA boosts assurance with Audited Member programme

WJA boosts assurance with Audited Member programme

WJA boosts assurance with Audited Member programme

July 28, 2022  -  Association News

The Water Jetting Association has introduced an Audited Member programme giving its members new opportunities to promote the  standards they set to prospective customers.

The initiative will give users of water jetting services greater assurance that contractors meet the WJA’s standards, creating a powerful new marketing tool for members.

It has been made possible by the introduction of an audit procedure that requires new and renewing members to provide more information and evidence to show services are aligned with WJA codes of practice.

Safeguarding standards

David Malin, Chairman of the WJA Technical Committee, whose members have been overseeing the development of the auding procedure, said: “We’re excited by the opportunities presented by our Audited Member programme.

“It’s going to help the WJA safeguard trusted water jetting standards and, thanks to the quality of the data we’re gathering, will play a key role in helping us to raise them over time.

“Equally important, also, is the opportunity it provides members to promote their services, and make the most of the advantages of being members of the WJA.”

Companies and organisations that use water jetting services, along with regulatory bodies, look to the WJA to set and uphold vitally-important safety and technical standards, said David Malin.

Codes of practice

He added: “At the same time, our members join the WJA because they share our values and know customers will be assured by their association with us. The Audited Member programme will help us achieve both outcomes.”

The WJA has now added a range of new questions to its application forms for new members and for companies renewing their membership.

These are designed to extend the amount of information the WJA gathers about the safety and technical standards and processes companies work to, including equipment management and training.

The auditing process is closely aligned to standards detailed in the WJA’s codes of practice – the Blue Code for high and ultra-high water jetting, the Red Code, for use of water jetting in sewers and drains, and the new Purple Code, for pressure washing.

Audited Member logo

It also requires members and renewing members to abide by the principles laid down in the WJA Charter of Professional Conduct, covering issues that include professional behaviour, competence, incident investigation, and equality.

High and ultra-high pressure water jetting contractors – under the C1 and C1P (Provisional) categories – have been the first to undergo the auditing process. Auditing for members and prospective members in C2 to C6 categories will be rolled out over time.

All members who pass the auditing process will be allowed to display an ‘Audited Member’ logo on their websites, and promote the enhanced status they have achieved to customers and prospective customers.

Development of the auditing system has been led by Jeff Haigh, a WJA Ruling Council member and a qualified auditor.

Significant value

He said: “The Audited Member programme gives both the WJA and its members a powerful process to help ensure the high quality standards we all aspire to – in terms of safety, operational excellence and business probity – are actually being set.

“Some members have already built the auditing system into their internal processes, giving them a new way to more easily benchmark their performance, which adds significant value to them as a business.”

Under the auditing system, all the new information provided in application forms is being carefully examined. Gaps or inconsistencies are resolved with applicants. Only then can the applications move to the next stage in the approval process.

Supportive process

The WJA also retains the option of carrying out visits to work sites or to company offices as part of the auditing process.

The WJA is grateful for the patience and cooperation of members during the introduction of such a fundamental new programme, said Jeff Haigh. Learning would be fed into later phases of its roll-out.

He added: “This is designed to be a positive process. The WJA wants to support applicants at every stage, sharing information and expertise that will help them with their applications, and to meet the standards we all want to achieve.”

Find out more

Find out more about WJA membership and the Audited Member programme. Contact the WJA today. Telephone:  +44 20 8320 1090 Email: info@waterjetting.org.uk.

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