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WJA Coronavirus Essential Services Scheme Hailed a Success

WJA Coronavirus Essential Services Scheme Hailed a Success

WJA Coronavirus Essential Services Scheme Hailed a Success

April 23, 2020  -  Uncategorized

The Water Jetting Association has issued scores of essential service forms on behalf of members – most operating in the drainage industry – so they can show they have the right to travel during the Coronavirus emergency.

The essential service notification system has been hailed a success by members – and the WJA says it will continue to issue the forms, when requested, while the lockdown and travel restrictions remain in place.

Under the scheme, the WJA form can be carried by personnel who work for WJA members to show police and other authorities they meet essential service criteria so can travel for work during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

In the first two weeks the scheme has been in operation, more than 150 forms were issued, with every recipient registered by the WJA, so details can be checked centrally, if necessary.

Pump and water jetting equipment manufacturer Flowplant, which has many customers in the drainage and water utility industry, has already used the notification scheme to show that its operation represents an essential service.

Flowplant Sales Director Alistair Hiscock said: “The police visited one of our service depots to enquire about the continuation of our operation. They were shown the WJA essential services form and went away very happy.

“We’re pleased that the WJA has provided this scheme for us. From our perspective, it has proved to be a success and a useful tool for helping us work through the Coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a reflection of the benefit of being part of a national business association, which is actively looking out for its members interests, delivering practical support when it is most needed.”

The WJA is the UK’s member organisation for the water jetting industry. Its members include high pressure and ultra high pressure water jetting contractors, equipment manufacturers, equipment hirers and service users. Many of them operate in the drainage industry.

WJA Director David Kennedy said: “We’re very pleased to be able to assist our members in this way. Times are tough for many businesses, so being able to quickly prove bona fides in difficult circumstances helps take some pressure off when it matters most.

“We would invite other WJA members, especially those in the drainage and utilities industry, to take advantage of our essential workers notification scheme. We’re here to help at all times.”

The form names the WJA member and of the employee who is the form holder. Water jetting operatives must also show their WJA registration number. Members are responsible for ensuring they operate within essential service and Coronavirus control guidelines.

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