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WJA gives refresher training a practical boost

WJA gives refresher training a practical boost

WJA gives refresher training a practical boost

January 12, 2023  -  Water Jetting Association

Water jetting operatives who attend mandatory refresher training must undergo practical assessment, the Water Jetting Association has ruled.

Operatives will benefit from being reminded about best practice jetting techniques, improving safety and productivity, says the WJA.

Water jetting operatives must pass the City & Guild accredited WJA safety awareness course, a class-based course, and at least one of four practical modules, to obtain a WJA operative’s ID card.

Until now, to retain the card, they have had to attend and pass the safety awareness course every three years.

Strengthening training

The WJA’s Training and Safety Committee has now agreed that, the refresher training process must involve passing the safety awareness recap and the practical element of one of the practical modules they hold.

The move has been ratified by the WJA Ruling Council at its meeting in November 2022.

WJA President John Jones said: “This decision significantly strengthens the training refresher process for operatives, their employers and their customers.

“Our WJA-approved instructors will be able to better assess course delegates to ensure they’re using techniques that optimise safety and productivity, and positively challenge any negative habits.

“It also presents an excellent opportunity for the instructors to share and demonstrate the very latest learning on handling and using water jetting equipment. The outcome is going to be greater assurance for all about the quality and positive impact of WJA training.”

Aligned with Codes of Practice

The WJA is the member organisation for the water jetting industry in the UK, representing service contractors, manufacturers, hirers, equipment suppliers, training providers, and stakeholders with an interest in water jetting.

It is also the largest provider of water jetting training in the UK, with a core training programme accredited by City & Guilds.

The courses are also popular around the world, notably in the Middle East. To meet growing demand, the WJA has also agreed to allow non-UK based training providers to deliver them.

The training is aligned with its WJA codes of practice, the Blue Code for high pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting, and the Red Code, for water jetting in sewers and drains and surface preparation up to 275 bar (4,000 psi).

More flexible training

WJA-approved instructors can introduce the new refresher training format straight away. It will become a mandatory requirement under WJA training rules from 1st of April 2023.

Calculation of the start and finish dates of the three-year refresher training period has also been changed.

This is to help training providers and their clients plan training more flexibly, especially if course attendance has to be brought forward for operational reasons.

Previously, the period ran from the date the safety awareness refresher course was passed.

Now, the refresher training can be attended up to three months before the training expiry date and the new three-year period will still begin when the previous three-year period ended.

Find out more Ask the WJA about its water jetting training courses. Telephone +44 20 8320 1090. Email info@waterjetting.org.uk.

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