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WJA gives water jetting standards an annual audit boost

WJA gives water jetting standards an annual audit boost

WJA gives water jetting standards an annual audit boost

May 16, 2022  -  Water Jetting Association

The Water Jetting Association, the UK member organisation for water jetting, has introduced an annual audit system to help set uniformly high standards across the industry.

The measure is designed to ensure all members fully understand and meet the criteria for joining the WJA and continue to meet those standards as their membership is renewed each year.

It also promises to give members a commercial edge as they will be able to promote their audited status with a special WJA logo.

Positive member response

Jeff Haigh, a member of the WJA Ruling Council, is leading the audit initiative. He said: “Members have responded very positively to our new audit system.

“It is allowing us to be more certain that organisations seeking to join the WJA meet our criteria and that members continue to meet these standards as their activities develop.

“We’re also able to give companies who want to join the WJA better support and advice, as well as identifying where we can improve ongoing advice for members and raise standards still further.

“Ultimately, by gathering more data and making the best use of it, service users can have more confidence that the water jetting carried out on their behalf is always safe and of a high quality.”

Important audit advantages

The WJA sees key advantages in the new auditing process:

  • It demonstrates the importance of key practices, including training and adherence to WJA codes of practice;
  • It is evidence of the willingness of WJA members to meet high, operational, and commercial standards;
  • It raises the profile of WJA members and strengthens their commercial advantage;
  • It sets a clear and measurable benchmark that will help the WJA gain agreement for future improvements;
  • It helps establish a standard approach to key aspects of water jetting activities, for example hose management.

The new audit system introduces a new stage in the application process for both prospective members and renewing ones. Application forms have been thoroughly reviewed and updated, with more data and additional documentation now required to support the auditing process.

Extra data gathering

Key information required includes: financial data; insurances held; training and safety procedures; what equipment is used; and how it is maintained.

All applicants must also sign declarations that they will comply fully with the WJA’s professional charter, constitution and codes of practice.

In the past, renewing members had to sign a declaration that they continued to meet the criteria for the type of membership they held.

Now, all applications – for first-time membership and renewal of membership – are required to provide a full set of supporting data and evidence.

They are then put through the same rigorous desktop auditing process to ensure all required information and supporting evidence has been supplied and meets the WJA’s quality standard.

All new applications are then still approved by the WJA Ruling Council, as before.

Firm standards platform

The new auditing system is being introduced in stages. Applicants for all membership categories from C1 to C6 are being audited in 2022.

But only renewing members in the water jetting contractor categories (C1 and C1P) are going through the process this year. Renewing members in the other categories will be audited from 2023.

The first audits are being carried out by Jeff Haigh, a qualified ISO auditor, who also devised the auditing process. He said: “Auditing creates a firm platform from which we can develop our standards further.

“In that way, it’s good for our members, service users and the WJA itself. Members must also agree to the carrying out of onsite audits, if required. Though, I see those being needed only in exceptional circumstances.”

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