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WJA increases permitted water jetting course sizes

WJA increases permitted water jetting course sizes

WJA increases permitted water jetting course sizes

January 12, 2023  -  Water Jetting Association

The Water Jetting Association has increased the number of delegates it permits to attend all its City & Guilds accredited training courses.

It is now allowing WJA-approved instructors to train up to 12 delegates at a time, as long as risk assessments for safety and training quality have been carried out.

The decision was made by the WJA’s Training and Safety Committee and ratified by the WJA’s Ruling Council at their meetings in November 2022.

Previously, 12 delegates could attend Safety Awareness and Pressure Washing courses, eight could attend Surface Preparation, Drain and Sewer, and Tube and Pipe practical modules, and six could attend the Hydrodemolition module.

WJA-approved instructors could increase these numbers case by case following consultation with the WJA administrative office.

Risk assessed training

Analysis of the way this system has worked has led the WJA to conclude these procedures were unnecessary.

WJA President John Jones said: “In reality, no request to increase course numbers has been turned down, indicating that instructors were making reasonable decisions.

“There is a legal requirement for training providers to risk assess the way every course is delivered to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of delegates and this duty will remain.

“This rule change doesn’t mean all courses will immediately be increased in size. Water jetting instructors will judge the need and appropriateness depending on client need and the outcome of their risk assessments.

“But it does mean we’ve removed unnecessary limits that will allow WJA-approved training providers and instructors to plan their training more effectively to meet growing demand for WJA courses.”

Course length confirmed

The WJA’s Training and Safety Committee has also confirmed how long each of its City & Guilds accredited courses are expected to last.

The Safety Awareness course, Pressure Washing and Hydrodemolition practical module should all last for one day.

The Surface Preparation, Tube and Pipe, and Drain and Sewer practical modules should run for a minimum half a day.

The WJA is the member organisation for the UK water jetting industry, representing contractors, hirers, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, training bodies, and water jetting users. It is also the UK’s largest provider of water jetting training.

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