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WJA Member: Hughes Pumps Ltd Upgrades Pump Test Facility – Jan 2018

WJA Member: Hughes Pumps Ltd Upgrades Pump Test Facility – Jan 2018

WJA Member: Hughes Pumps Ltd Upgrades Pump Test Facility – Jan 2018

February 28, 2018  -  Uncategorized

Leading UK manufacturer Hughes Pumps has recently invested a further quarter of a million pounds sterling upgrading the company’s already advanced pump test facility. This investment will add a fourth test rig to the company’s existing high pressure pumping test facilities and will be used to confirm product integrity and manufacturing quality.

The new test rig, which will be dedicated to R&D testing, includes a 225kW, (300hp), inverter driven electric motor that gives infinite speed control of the pump. This new facility will be able to run unmanned 24 x 7, allowing the company to fast-track testing of newly developed pumps. In fact, the company will be launching a brand new pump in April 2018 – full details coming soon!

The new facility’s other features include a stainless steel ring main fed by an inverter driven boost pump with automatic speed control to maintain a 4bar (60psi) supply irrespective of whether one or four pumps are running, enhanced drainage and filtration of waste fluids for environmental protection, a 4,500bar (65,000psi) hydrostatic test rig, an overhead crane and acoustic roller shutter entry doors that will speed the set-up and break-down of each pump test.

The company’s existing test facility includes three test rigs, 75, 160 and 375kW (100, 220 and 500hp) all of which are inverter driven, allowing pumps to be tested at any required speed. Data logging equipment monitors up to twenty critical pump functions including discharge pressure, pump flow, inlet pressure, water temperature, oil temperature and various pump surface temperatures. This recorded data is available to clients if required.

As an ISO9001:2015 accredited company, Hughes Pumps takes quality very seriously. The company has always operated a comprehensive pump test facility where every pump undergoes a comprehensive 3 hour test at full power, with all critical parameters being measured and recorded before the pump is shipped to a client complete with a test certificate. The same procedure is also applied to bare shaft pumps and complete units.

In another development, the company is developing a new pump monitoring system that will allow Hughes Pumps engineers to dial into a pump anywhere in the world and monitor it’s performance. This system will also be able to alert our factory based Engineers to an impending pump problem even before the end-user is aware.

Hughes Pumps’ is the leading UK specialist manufacturer of water jetting pumps and equipment for heavy-duty cleaning and surface preparation applications. The company is also delivering critical flushing and subsea cleaning solutions to hundreds of metres depth for some of the World’s leading contractors, delivering exceptional performance and reliability in some of the harshest environments imaginable.

For more information contact:

Hughes Pumps Ltd, Spring Gardens, Washington, West Sussex RH20 3BS  United Kingdom

Tel:       +44 (0) 1903 892358

Fax:      +44 (0) 1903 892062

Email:  sales@hughes-pumps.co.uk

Web:    www.hughes-pumps.co.uk

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