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WJA Member – Industrial Water Jetting Systems Ltd Retains Key Anglican Water Contract

WJA Member – Industrial Water Jetting Systems Ltd Retains Key Anglican Water Contract

WJA Member – Industrial Water Jetting Systems Ltd Retains Key Anglican Water Contract

May 15, 2016  -  Uncategorized

Industrial Water Jetting Systems (IWJS) Ltd has retained key business with one of the Group’s major water utility clients, Anglian Water, with the re-awarding of a major annual £4M national contract.

This major contract for IWJS covers 3 of the 4 regional areas of Anglian Water and will roll out over the next 6 years. This further maintains IWJS’s close links with Anglian Water stretching back over 25 years and was gained following tough contract re-negotiation and intense national competition. While price and value for money is of major importance to Anglian Water, it was not the only factor in influencing their decision. With quality of service and IWJS’s impressive record on safety, also playing a significant part in the decision by Anglian Water to remain with the Company. Commenting on the award of the contract with Anglian Water, Christopher Stewart the Managing Director of IWJS said:

“We approached the renegotiation of this key contract with Anglian Water with little room for complacency. Knowing we faced tough competition on price, as all the major water utilities face intense Government pressure to keep costs down and improve the quality of service they provide to their customers.”

Christopher continued… “IWJS has worked hard with Anglian Water to ensure that the service levels we provide in both scheduled and non-scheduled waste water works are kept at the highest levels and we will continue to do so. Our approach being one of constant improvement and innovation, not just in our service levels, but equally in maintaining our unparalleled safety record. We are delighted to retain this significant business with them.”


As one of the major national clients of IWJS, Anglian Water requires round the clock 24/7 response over a significant geographic spread, coordinated from the IWJS Woolpit, Colchester and Lincoln depots. Director and Anglian Water’s Major Account Manager at IWJS, David Eade, further added:

“Logistically, this requires both extensive resource and planning of works with Anglian to ensure we provide the right level of cover where needed on scheduled work. With the necessary flexibility to also react to severe weather events and emergencies so that we provide seamless, round the clock cover.”

Geographically, Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales. Therefore ensuring IWJS service level agreements are met with Anglian Water is vital in helping this major client service its 6 million plus commercial and domestic customers, over 27,500 square kilometres regionally and supporting a network of 112,833 kilometres of water and sewer pipes. Along with the 1,257 water and water recycling works across its region, which is around a quarter of all those in England and Wales, impressive statistics indeed.To contact Industrial Water Jetting Systems Ltd – go to the ‘Our Members’ section of this website.

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