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WJA Member Spotlight – Calder

WJA Member Spotlight – Calder

WJA Member Spotlight – Calder

February 17, 2022  -  Water Jetting Association

Company name: Calder

Company representative: Peter Quick

Job title: Business Development Manager

Calder Business Development Manager, Peter Quick

What services do you deliver to the water jetting industry?

We offer complete high pressure waterjetting solutions for industry – from our standard waterjetting pump units to bespoke systems to suit very specific applications.

What many people in the waterjetting industry may not know is that we are also agents for APS, DERC Salotech, Hammelmann, and TST. There is no point re-inventing the wheel, so we look to partner with existing manufacturers of quality accessories.

For our waterjetting units, the Hammelmann pump has been our unit of choice for over twenty years. As well as being a TST agent, we have also used their products for over twenty years. APS and DERC Salotech manufacture a great range of waterjetting accessories and are very well regarded by operators.

And our BundlePro range is all you need for tube bundle handling and cleaning.

Tell us something that you think anyone outside the industry will find amazing.

That water can break up concrete and cut through 100mm thick metal. Most people have no idea of the power of water.

What’s the biggest change in technology or process you have witnessed in your service sector in recent years?

Two changes to mention. Safety and environment (noise, emissions, water recycling).


Operators are now more safety conscious. The availability and awareness of waterjetting safety training has been a big factor in this and much credit goes to the Water Jetting Association.

The other aspect of safety is the automation (and semi-automation) of many waterjetting functions. Remote operation, allowing the operator to be removed from the work area, has been a focus for Calder over the last ten years.  


In addition to the ever-increasing focus on operator safety and comfort, water recycling has seen a huge surge in interest both due to the scarcity of water in certain regions, and also the environmental benefits of recycling. We can now recycle water and filter back to 1 micron for UHP operations.

What do you think will be the biggest changes or challenges over the next 10 years?

Climate change is the topic of the day and will affect most industries over the coming decade. Our products will face changes on two fronts. Firstly, they will need to adapt to the changing energy sources. Secondly, they will need to be developed to suit the applications for high pressure water in the renewables sector. 

You are personally involved in the WJA. Explain your role and why you participate.

I am on the WJA Council and the Technical Committee. We meet regularly with the aim of making the industry and people who work in it safe.

On a daily basis, we promote the WJA and the code of practice, which is there to ensure everyone working within the industry is working on a level playing field with people’s safety being paramount. 

What do you think are the WJA’s biggest achievements?

Being the leading training and safety provider with a code of conduct (blue or red) which is seen as the ultimate guide (bible) in our industry.

If Calder was an animal, what kind would it be?

We were hoping we would be a lion, a cheetah, an elephant – anything that was visually impressive. However, having given this far more thought than the previous questions, the answer is we would be a tardigrade.

These tiny creatures are generally only 0.5 mm long. Colloquially known as moss piglets or, more commonly, water bears, they are not attractive creatures.

Credit: Dotted Yeti/ shutterstock.com

Importantly, they are considered the most adaptable and resilient animals on earth. This species has adapted to live everywhere. Pressure, temperature, dehydration, radiation, impacts and shock pressures hold no fears for these remarkable creatures. Our resilience and adaptability have been the cornerstone of our 40 years in business. And it is these qualities that we will need during the turbulent times ahead. Our ability to adapt our products, our processes, and our thinking, to suit the needs of our customers and the environment is our greatest strength.

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