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WJA offers ‘Blue Chip’ membership to water jetting service users

WJA offers ‘Blue Chip’ membership to water jetting service users

WJA offers ‘Blue Chip’ membership to water jetting service users

March 4, 2024  -  Water Jetting Association

The Water Jetting Association has launched a membership scheme aimed at large national and international users of water jetting services.

The new Blue Chip membership programme is designed for water, food and petrochemical companies, among others, that rely on water jetting to maintain their operational networks and process equipment.

Significant interest

WJA Technical Manager Gordon Taylor said: “Blue Chip membership is free and we believe it will be attractive to many larger water jetting service users.

“It will give their key technical personnel access to important operational and safety guidance about water jetting, including the WJA’s codes of practice.

“It will also help organisations better understand the standards set by WJA contractor members and provides a channel for them to liaise with the WJA about technical issues relating to water jetting in all its forms.

“We’ve only just launched the Blue Chip programme but we’re already getting significant interest from companies in the UK and internationally, so we are confident it will be popular.”

Trade show invite

Blue Chip members who join the WJA over the next few months will be invited to the WJA’s first trade show, being held at the StoneX Stadium, home of the Saracens Rugby Club in North West London on 11th and 12th of September, 2024.

Under the Blue Chip member programme, one nominated member representative has access to the WJA’s member section via the WJA app or website.

In addition, Blue Chip members receive five individual WJA app licences, giving them access, via separate email addresses, to all WJA codes of practice.

Additional WJA app licences can be bought and will be charged by the WJA by annual subscription. Hard copies of WJA codes of practice can also be bought at the member rate.

Easy to apply

Gordon Taylor said: “We’ve made becoming a Blue Chip member as easy as possible. There is a simple and short application form. Because it’s free, there are no concerns about internal financial red tape for prospective members.

“Thanks to the launch of the new WJA app, setting up and managing Blue Chip membership is extremely easy and is 100% paperless and low-carbon, so is aligned with the sustainability strategies of member organisations.”

Having access to the WJA codes of practice will allow technical and operational managers working for Blue Chip members to fully understand the standards they should expect from WJA contractor members.

Codes of practice

It will also allow them to benchmark and monitor their specifications and standards for water jetting services delivered by external suppliers.

The WJA manages three codes of practice:

· The Red Code for the safe use of water jetting equipment in drains and sewers and surface preparation with a jetting gun at pressures up to 275 bar (4,000psi) that an operative can comfortably control;

· The Blue Code, for the safe use of high pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting equipment;

· And the Purple Code, for the safe use of pressure washers with pressures up to 207 bar (3,000psi) and flow up to 22 litres per minute (5 imperial gallons per minute).

Gordon Taylor said: “Blue Chip membership provides access to all three codes plus updated future versions and other technical advice. Given the fast-paced development of jetting technology, this second point is crucial, because we continuously review our codes and issue regularly issue new technical guidance.

“All WJA codes of practice are reviewed in partnership with the UK’s Health and Safety Executive. This ensures they’re aligned with UK regulation and supports their status as having a key role in setting internationally recognised standards for water jetting.”

Find out more

Talk to the WJA about Blue Chip Management programme. Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8320 1090. Email: info@waterjetting.org.uk.

View membership criteria and download the Blue Chip Management application form.

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